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Introducing our online exercise library

Published: 19 February 2024


Get Back in Action with The Physio Clinic Glasgow’s Online Exercise Library

If you’ve ever been prescribed exercises during rehab but struggled to remember the moves later, listen up! At The Physio Clinic Glasgow, we totally get it. Recovering from injuries or managing chronic conditions often means following customized movement routines...not exactly easy to keep top-of-mind after you leave our clinic. So we’ve created an online exercise library to help you nail those workouts in between appointments.



Led by Our In-House Rehab Experts

Our video library breaks down over 100 rehab exercises for all sorts of orthopedic and neurological conditions. Each demo features one of our experienced physiotherapists talking you through proper form, offering modifications, and providing recovery tips. So it’s like getting world-class training right in your living room! Videos target common rehab areas like knee and back injuries, postoperative recovery, balance challenges, and more. And we’re always adding new content as treatment methods evolve.

Customized Playlists Just for You!

Here’s the best part - we make personalized video playlists with the exact exercises prescribed for YOUR rehab. Just text us anytime for instant access to your specialized workout plan via YouTube, no matter where you are. Convenient video guidance makes sweating through the tough stuff much less intimidating. And you can breathe easy knowing our seasoned clinicians have curated that custom program just for your needs.

Take Control of Your Recovery Journey

At the end of the day, OUR goal is to help YOU reach your health goals more confidently. Our online exercise library arms you with the support needed to stick with rehab between appointments. Let’s get you moving and feeling your best! Just ask your physiotherapist about receiving your own personalized video playlist, or explore samples on our website. We’re in this together every step of the way. 


Check out the library here: Physio Clinic Glasgow's online exercise library 


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