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Work Hard, Get Better

Published: 30 November 2023


The origin of ' Work hard, get better':

If you’re struggling with nagging joint pain or lack strength and mobility for sports and activities, The Physio Clinic Glasgow offers an evidence-backed active approach to help you reach your goals.

Our experienced physiotherapists thoroughly assess your unique situation to pinpoint the contributing factors. We create customized treatment plans that empower you to confidently move better and live life to the fullest.

Unlike some clinics, we don’t just advise rest and painkillers. Our philosophy focuses on skilful hands-on techniques combined with targeted exercises and education for lasting results. We help hundreds of patients find relief from pain and improve performance each year.

Read on to learn why our bespoke biomechanical approach produces results when others fail.

Comprehensive Assessments And Care Coordination

The first step in effective treatment is identifying what structures are involved and the root causes of your issue.

Our highly trained physiotherapists spend time assessing your strength, flexibility, balance, posture, biomechanics and control of movements. We also consider your pain levels, medical history and goals.

This allows us to determine if further imaging or specialist referrals could provide more insight. We coordinate directly with doctors, surgeons and other practitioners to optimize treatment.

You can feel confident our assessments drill down to the source of dysfunction so we can correct it long-term.

Customized Active Treatment Programs

Armed with a clear understanding of your specific condition, we develop personalized treatment regimens featuring the perfect blend of targeted exercises, hands-on therapy and self-care strategies.

Programs are structured around your abilities and constraints to help you progress safely based on your rate of healing and goals.

Active components may involve:

- Joint mobilisation techniques to improve motion
- Progressive strength training to stabilize joints
- Balance and agility drills tailored to your sport
- Targeted stretching for increased flexibility
- Education on managing your symptoms

We empower you to take an active role in your recovery while providing guidance and support. This facilitates optimal restorative movement patterns so you continue making gains long after discharge.

Grounding Care In Robust Evidence

Our active treatments and tailored exercise prescriptions are grounded in cutting-edge research. We continuously evaluate the latest high-quality studies to ensure our programs employ techniques definitively proven to work.

Plentiful evidence confirms active rehabilitation interventions focused on function and education outperform passive modalities for most orthopaedic, neurological and pain conditions.

For example, research on low back pain finds combining manual therapy and exercise provides superior outcomes vs standard care with less recurrence of pain. Studies also demonstrate customized movement retraining optimizes recovery for shoulder instability vs surgery in many cases.

We Translate Evidence Into Personalized Care

While clinical research guides our overall approach, we combine it with practical experience and patient preferences to determine optimal treatments for each unique person. Our expertise allows us to interpret how new evidence applies on an individual basis.

Our ultimate goal is seamless integration of researched best practices with your values to get you moving well and doing activities you enjoy as expediently as possible.

Take The First Step Towards Feeling Better

If pain or injury is interfering with your ability to participate in sports and life activities you love, take control. The Physio Clinic Glasgow’s highly skilled clinical team is here to help get you back on track.

Our active treatments are proven to maximize function - schedule an initial assessment to start uncovering why you have pain or lack strength and stability. Book in for an assessment or even drop a message via our enquiry form and experience the difference a tailored biomechanical approach can make towards living vigorous and free from limitations!

Work Hard. Get Better.

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